We Help Ambitious Women Over 30 In Hinckley Gain Unstoppable Body Confidence

With The Use Of Our Exclusive F4 Coaching Framework, We'll Put You Back In Control, No FADS No B.S, Just System That Makes Getting Results As Straightforward  As Possible

At SM Athletic Women, it's not just about the Exercise

It's NOT even just about the nutrition - We cover those missing pieces, sit down and COACH you through the process

Welcome to our Exclusive Private Programme for Women Over 30 in Hinckley, Leicestershire

The Amazon Body Project covers all aspects of your Weight Loss  journey, from Nutrition to Mindset and Personal Training - We even have a laugh doing it

For the price of your Saturday Night Takeaways and a Couple Of G&T's, you can lose weight and get fit, all without having to give up on the things you love

- No Men, No BS - Just life changing Results with a bunch of awesome women

3 Steps To Getting Onboard

Click 'find out more' and submit your email address, we'll then drop you an email with all the info on the programme

Fill out an application using either the link on the email or from the application page.  We'll then contact you to either discuss any questions you have either via text, on the phone or you can come down in person for a chat

If you think it's for you, you can then decide to either go all in and sign up (We do this on a month by month basis.)  Or book in for a trial week first either way is fine.

How Our Amazon Body Project Produces Consistent & Sustainable Results


My guess is you've tried various diets, programmes 4 week kick starts and 6 week summer something or others before right?  Perhaps you're too afraid to even step foot in a gym, maybe you've never exercised before outside of walking the dog and a Joe Wicks fitness video (for 10 minutes before it gets shelved like the slimming world membership)  We have women here from  all of the above scenarios and more...

You see the thing missing from all of these programmes aside from clearly defined goals and targets is the psychological bit.

 With most of our members being married with kids they carry a huge amount of stress around with them and as a result of that,  the kebabs, chocolate and alcohol and a lack of sleep follow.

I’ll have you consider that stress and sleep deprivation are the two major things that will derail you from constantly sticking to any diet, slow your recovery from your workouts and thus make it pretty impossible to make  any progress at all. You could have the best diet and best training program in the world but if you’re constantly de-railed by stress eating or drinking multiple times per week then your progress will be minimal at best. (infact you'll probably gain weight)

This is why our F4 system STARTS WITH the FOCUS element.  In this phase you'll learn to focus your attention on either slowing things down or managing your sleep, you'll learn effective techniques for increasing your ability to handle stress and the importance of a consistent night of sleep.


Your typical trainer will get you doing a whole heap of pointless exercises that may not align with the goals you have and before you know it you (a 40 year old mother of 2 ) is being made to jump up on a box multiple times and falling over or hitting some burpees until you feel a bit sick.  But ‘it’s functional’ he keeps telling you (Whatever that means) and to ‘never give up’

What we do here it’s very different, we put together a programme of exercises that fit the goals and are safe to perform, set 30, 60 and 90 day targets to give you that positive feedback that you are in fact getting fitter and stronger.  

There will be some challenging but fun cardio sessions (No standing on a treadmill for 40 minutes) fun manly exercises with ropes, sleds, tyres and sled hammers.   This might sound really overwhelming at first, but trust me it's super fun after a stressful day to hit something with a hammer ;)

You'll be surrounded by likeminded women, all with similar goals of losing weight, getting fitter and being less stressed who are all up for a laugh while doing it


To be fair, most diets suck.  For the simple reason they are too restrictive and with family dinners, healthy meals the  kids and husband refuse to eat and the fact you like to drink a few cheeky G&T's at the weekend means with all the best intentions it just isn’t going to happen right?  So how do you get out of that cycle of super restrictive dieting and then binge eating at the weekends?

Here at SM Athletic we've consulted with one of the UK's leading Dietitian's and Sports Nutritionists to create a nutrition system that’s unlike anything else in its simplicity, its ease of use and its ability to produce consistent but sustainable results for women on the go. Cook family meals the kids will eat, grab stuff on the go, have your cheeky G&T's, chocolate and treats  at the weekend but plan ahead.  We have a big emphasis on teaching you about calories and protein but the software does pretty much all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can pick what to eat, either pre made or prepare yourself.

Our nutrition system will overhaul your nutrition in the easiest & fastest way possible without disrupting your lifestyle. No more avoiding family meals because you're "on a diet"!

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Emma 30

"After years of yo yo dieting and trying different diets and fads I found myself in a position where I was lacking self confidence and was unhappy, didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror and have avoided full length photos for the best part of 2 years now.

I’m into my 3rd week on the plan and I feel amazing in myself and have gained so much more than just the knowledge of how to eat healthy. I’m slowly gaining more confidence in myself and I feel better - seeing the losses help massively but the feeling you get of attending the sessions is amazing."

Vikki 31

"Joining Kate last June was the best thing I have done. Not only has Kate been there to help me loose weight and inches for my wedding, she has shown me to be confident in myself on anything I do in the gym and outside.
Working out has always been a bit of a fad with me and I thought just doing cardio would make me loose weight. You have such a support system when joining Body Work By Kate not just in the sessions but daily with inspirational messages and group support."

Emily 30

"Patient. Understanding. Caring. Fun. Knowledgeable. Encouraging.

Just some words to describe you after a few weeks coming to see you. You have helped me so much and I am so excited to keep going."

Need More Info On The Programme?

Fill Out an application and we'll be in touch